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New to Online Gambling?

Gambling has been with us for as far back as anyone can see in recorded history. There is a certain thrill in playing games of chance that seems to be ingrained in our DNA. The modern incarnation of this has been gambling casinos. Located throughout most of the world, they enable people to go to place bets and make wagers in various games that typically involve a combination of skill and chance.

The advent of the internet has changed life in general in so many ways. Gambling is no exception to this. People used to have to go out to casinos to gamble on their favorite games. This could involve travel expenses if you did not happen to live near one. Just as the internet has made shopping more convenient by enabling you to order stuff from Amazon and have it delivered right to your door, it has done the same for gambling.

People can now sign up with an online casino and play their favorite games from the comfort of their home. The casino is, in essence, brought right to their door by the internet. There are two general types of online casino operations. One is known as a web-based casino.

These types of casinos do not involve the downloading of any software to your computer. The sound and animations and any background calculations required to run the games are handled through the browser that connects your computer to the internet. These can be a safer option if one is worried about downloading malware with casino software. It can be seen as more convenient by being able to jump into playing without needing to download anything first. The downside is that because everything is being handled only through the internet connection they can be slow.

The other type is download based online casinos. You first download their software that enables you to connect to their casino and play the games they have to offer. This gives the advantage of the software on your computer handling a lot of the overhead of calculations to display the visuals and make the sounds of gaming and typically results in a faster, smoother online gaming experience. As long as it is a reputable online casino and you have anti-virus software installed on your computer the risk of downloading malware or a virus should be minimized.

The other two broad categories of online casino games are divided into “virtual casino games” and “live dealer games”. In virtual casino games, the entire gaming process is automated. You play against a computer dealer and depending on the particular game being played, dice throws or cards dealt are randomly generated by computer algorithms. These types of online casinos are advantageous from the perspective of the casino company because they are cheap to run. From the player’s perspective, there is something missing. It lacks the “mano a mano” feel that you get only from playing against an actual person. This is where live dealer games come into the picture.

In this type of game, when you connect to the casino, you are connecting to an actual person who is dealing the cards or throwing the dice on the other end. You have a text chat capability so you can communicate with the dealer, and depending on the casino and the set up, possibly with other players on their computers in their homes as well. This type of game does a far better job of replicating the “casino experience” than the automated “against the computer dealer” types. Though the players will prefer this type of casino experience, it is more expensive for the company providing the casino as they have additional costs, including the staffing of actual, live dealers, and camera operators to show those dealers online.

The games offered by online casinos are the same types you enjoy playing at ‘real’ brick and mortar casinos. The favorites include: Blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, sic bo, slot machines, poker, keno and bingo. Casinos that offer live dealer games will probably only offer them for the most popular of these games because of the cost of that type of game presentation. These games generally play just like they do at physical casinos with the same rules and odds.

Some people like to go to a casino for the atmosphere. It’s part of a trip that has, as one of its purposes, getting out of the house. For this reason, brick and mortar casinos probably aren’t going anywhere soon, if ever. There are, however, times when you just want to sit back in your pajamas at your computer and play some blackjack or craps and don’t want to bothered with taking a trip to do it. If you mainly like casinos for the games themselves, then online casino gaming may be all you will need to satisfy your desire. For their ease and convenience, online casinos are here to stay.

Can you play for real money?

There are many different online casinos today, and to gamble in these casinos, you must first deposit money into an account. The money you deposit into the account can come from several different sources, and you can use the money to play the different games available in any given casino. Those who have never played in an online casino before, may have some difficulty figuring out how to get money into the online casino. There are several methods of doing this, depending on which casino you choose. Most casinos have the same methods, but some have more deposit methods available, than others.

Before you can make a deposit into an online casino, you must first have a valid account. The account must be created prior to making a deposit, and once the account is created, you can begin to deposit money. The most popular way that money is deposited into an online casino, is through a debit or credit card. Other ways that are usually allowed are through Western Union, bank drafts, PayPal, Net Teller, Skrill, and several other sources. There are rules and regulations to depositing money into an online casino, and you must adhere to these rules.

When you’re ready to make a deposit to your online account, you must first determine what is the minimum deposit amount. Depending on how you decide to deposit the money, the minimum may vary, but there is always a minimum deposit amount that you must deposit. Usually, the deposit amount is as low as €5, or $5 US, depending on which online casino you choose. Before making any deposit, make sure to read the rules that they have, including the minimum deposit amount, so that there are no misunderstandings later.

Most players choose to use a debit or credit card in order to make a deposit, because it’s the easiest way to do so, and the money is extremely easy to track coming, and going. You can deposit the minimum amount, or up to the maximum amount, which varies, based on the casino, but usually is close to €100,000, or $100,000 US. If you’re using a debit card, you must check the limits that the bank has set on your card, prior to making deposits. Many debit cards have limits on the purchase amounts per day. Casinos usually only take Visa, and Mastercards, but other cards may also be accepted. Some cards coming from certain countries, are banned.

If you’re looking to do tens of thousands of dollars in deposits into an online casino, you may want to get a high limit credit card to do this. Using a debit card is unlikely to work, even if you have the full amount in your bank account, as your bank may stop the deposits. It’s possible for you to get permission from your bank to extend your limit on your debit card, or you can do several small deposits over time. Depositing funds via a debit or credit card is fairly easy.

As long as the name on the card matches the name that has signed up for the online casino account, there should be no issues. Many casinos will request ID verification by asking for a copy of some form of ID, and possibly a copy of the front and the back of the credit card. Usually, if a copy of the card is required, they may ask you to white out the card numbers, only showing the last four digits, and the full name on the card. Remember that each casino has its own rules, so what you may have to do to deposit money in one casino, may not work for another casino.

Using a credit card to make a deposit may be a bit tricky, but usually the limits are much higher. If you do not have a card in which to make a deposit, you can also use Western Union. You first get an account number for the casino, and wire the money directly to the casino, with your name and account number on it. Once the money is received, it’s credited to your account for play. A bank draft can also be used to deposit money into an online casino.

A bank draft is done by having the bank wire money to the online casino. Many online money systems are available for deposits as well, such as PayPal, which is a very popular one. As long as the casino has an account with the same company, you can easily send money to your account, through the company.

Is it safe to play for real cash?

Many people would like to try online casinos, but are not sure if it is safe to play real money in an online casino. There are safe and secure online casinos that offer fun and fair games. The trick is to make sure you have found a reputable online casino before you even consider giving them your hard-earned money.

How Does the Online Casino Deposit the Money Given By Players

First, you need to check the method of deposit of the online casino you are interested in. Reputable online casinos will only accept checks, cash or wire transfers in order for you to build your online casino account. They will also accept a third-party money service like FirePlay or NETteller. These third-party services restrict the information given to the online casino, which means they will not get a hold of your financial information. This will give you added peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your online gaming experience.

Where is the Casino Licensed

This information is generally provided at the bottom of each casino’s home page. You want to look for licensing jurisdictions. Each region has their own laws that deal with the legal and regulatory issues related to online casino gambling. There are many jurisdictions around the world that license and regulate operators for online game players.

Each jurisdiction has an organization that is responsible for all legal and regulatory matters related to online casino gambling. Some organizations are very strict and some are very relaxed, which makes this area of online casino gambling extremely confusing and complex. This legislation can also change, which makes it difficult to stay up-to-date with what is allowed and what is not in some parts of the world. You can keep up with these changes by going to This site constantly monitors the changes to jurisdictions to help keep online game players informed.

You Need to Know the Online Casino Encryption Software

An online casino, just like brick-and-mortar casinos, deal with thousands to millions of dollars on a daily basis. They are highly concerned about their reputation for their current and future players. Make sure that their encryption software is 128-bit. This is the same technology used by the military to encrypt data. If the military trusts it so can you. Your data will be encrypted and will not be able to be hacked with this software. Software companies with this ability are Cryptologic, MicroGaming and Playtech. If you see any of these companies you can be highly confident they are reputable.

Withdrawals should never be a problem. A trustworthy online casino cannot get permits unless they have bonds of insurance. This insurance guarantees they can and will send you your withdrawal, regardless of their location in relation to yours.

Take the Time to do Research

Using your favorite search engine search for the casinos you are interested in. As you search use words like “banned online casinos,” “online casinos with grievances,” “beware” and “rip off.” If any of these words appear during your search you should stay away from them. You may also want to pick a specific online casino and see if there are any reviews by existing or previous online casino players.

Look for an “About Us” Section on the Online Casino Page

Every good online casino will have an “About Us” section. In this section you should see the name of the company and information on who is running the company. Phone numbers may also be provided and if the company is incorporated that information will be available too. If this information is not available you may want to second-guess your choice.

Some gaming sites sponsor famous players. If famous players allow their names to be used and be affiliated with a specific online casino you can be assured that this is an upfront and very reputable online casino. No famous player wants to be associated with an online casino site that has a bad reputation.

Use Common Sense

Just like any other online transaction you must use common sense. Remember to never reveal your password or screen name to anyone. Also, go with your gut. If you have a bad feeling during your online casino research keep looking until you find the one that has addressed all of your concerns.

All that’s left to do now is put on some comfortable lounging clothes, get your good luck charm, sign into your computer and enjoy your online casino experience. Best of Luck!